Visconti was founded in 1988…

…in Florence, Italy.  Located in a 15th century villa, Visconti hand-crafts each writing instrument to demonstrate the highest level of artistry and beauty.  Each creation is a true masterpiece, reflecting Visconti’s passion for history, art, science, literature, and human culture.  Each year, Visconti debuts new and exciting writing systems as an expression of their endless search for the finest materials and cutting-edge technological innovations.  The pens cease to be simple writing instruments, and instead, act as canvases on which new artistic expressions are painted and deep emotions are communicated.  Visconti is one of the leading brands of fine writing instruments in the world today.

Regular Edition Pens

The regular editions strongly communicate Visconti’s brand identity through everyday writing instruments.  Visconti plays with different colors, patterns, and shapes to fashion exemplary pieces that complement each and every person’s taste and style.

Limited Edition Pens

Visconti’s Limited Edition writing instruments express the perfect synthesis between tradition and innovation. Limited to a certain number of pieces, each collectible creation distinguishes itself through use of special techniques, individual artwork, and a theme that conveys an emotional story.


The name of Visconti has been synonymous with writing implements of unparalleled historical and technological sophistication for the past twenty-five years. To mark its twenty-fifth anniversary in 2013, Visconti took on board the human resources, the know-how and the traditional tools of Florentine watch-making to begin making its own luxury timepieces. A new area has been set aside in Visconti’s historic Medici villa for the sole purpose of manufacturing top-of-the-range watches featuring the same creative and innovative vein that customers look for in all of the company’s products.