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S.T. Dupont Repair Service

To submit a pen or lighter/cutter for repair please contact; 
Arthur Brown - New York, NY


ARS Sales & Service LLC - Hendersonville, NC / 828-693-3212

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Visconti Repair Service

To submit a pen for repair please click the Repair Form button below and complete all fields marked with an asterisk.   
*We only repair pens sent in from the USA.

  • The Repair Form must be completed in its entirety to allow for proper handling and timing of your repair. Payment information is required to submit your repair, but your card will not be charged until we receive the pen and assess the damages.


  • The CONFIRMATION NUMBER (i.e., SO12345) received, once your credit card information is entered on the “Thank you for your order” page is REQUIRED to be written on the outside of your package and a printed copy of the page in the package with your repair.  


  • DO NOT send the original box/container when you send your pen in. We will only claim responsibility for your pen(s) and you will not receive packaging back.


  • New Visconti pens are guaranteed for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase against any manufacturing defects from an authorized retailer.


  • Manufacturer’s defects do not include damage resulting from everyday use, products that have been dropped or damaged from improper use, alterations caused by direct exposure to sunrays, high temperatures, and unauthorized repairs or manipulations. 


  • Guarantees will only be valid if you present a receipt of purchase from a Visconti authorized dealer along with your repair (Amazon, E-bay are not authorized dealers).

  • If the pen qualifies for service under the manufacturer’s warranty and proof of purchase is included, there will be no additional charge other than the $25 flat rate shipping fee.


  • If proof of purchase does not accompany the repair, there will be a standard $55 repair fee plus $25 shipping fee.  If it is a more complicated repair, which will be determined by a Coles of London representative, they will contact you once the pen is received to advise you of these charges. 

  • Nibs may only be exchanged within 30 days of purchase if the nib is not damaged, charging you only the standard fee of $40 to cover shipping and handling.


  • Once you have completed the form in its entirety, please print a copy, and send together with your pen/pens to the address below.  We are only able to ship pens in the United States (no PO Boxes). ​ We recommend that you use a trackable shipping service when sending in your product.  Coles of London is not responsible for items lost in transit.


Coles of London

Repair Department

8510 McAlpine Park Dr. Suite 107

Charlotte, NC 28211


  • We aim to repair each pen as quickly as possible, please allow up to 12 weeks for repairs sent to Italy and up to 4 weeks for pens repaired in-house.  If you find your repair to be unsatisfactory, Coles of London must be contacted within the window of limitations which is 30 days after receiving your repaired pen.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to repair my pen?

We always aim to return your pen as quickly as possible. However, please allow up to 12 weeks for us to repair and return your pen. Your pen will be sent to Italy where they will not only repair any defects, but also service and polish your pen.

What does the Visconti warranty cover?

The warranty ranges from 2 years to lifetime, depending on the pen purchased. The Visconti warranty covers all manufacturer defects.  If it is a clear case of misuse (i.e. the pen has been dropped and the cap or body has cracked), there may additional charges at the discretion of the manufacturer.  Please always include a copy of the sales receipt with each repair to ensure coverage under warranty.

How much do repairs cost?

Coles of London has a $55 per pen repair fee for any repairs needed that are not covered by the warranty. Additionally, there will be a $25 shipping and handling fee for all pens Coles of London receives. Any additional costs may occur depending on the nature of the problem, which is at the discretion of Visconti, Italy. For example, if a damaged nib is irreparable, you may be charged the cost of a replacement nib. Please note: you will not be charged more than the initial $35 repair fee (+$15 S&H fee) without Coles of London obtaining your consent.

How does the repair process work?

As soon as your pen arrives at our warehouse in North Carolina, our repair technician will assess to see if the repair can be completed in house.  If so, he will complete the repair, and we will process your payment and paperwork.  Your repaired pen will ship back to you within a couple weeks.

If we are unable to repair the pen in North Carolina your pen will be sent to Visconti in Italy. Please allow up to 12 weeks for your pen repair.

If Visconti cannot repair your pen, or if the pen model has been discontinued, we will contact you with replacement options.

How often are repairs shipped to Italy?

A shipment of repairs is sent to Italy every 2 weeks.  Repairs are not sent at the end of July or throughout the month of August, as the factory in Italy is closed.

Will someone contact me when my pen is received?

We will only contact you if additional costs are applicable. Otherwise your pen will be shipped to you as soon as we receive it back from Italy.  If you would like confirmation of receipt of your pen, please contact our office for confirmation.

How should I ship my pen and how should I package it?

We strongly recommend that you pack your pen in a box with protective wrapping around your pen (i.e. bubble wrap or craft paper).  Please do not send your pen in its gift box.  We are not responsible for lost or misplaced pen boxes.  We also suggest you ship your pen via UPS or FedEx so that you can track and confirm delivery.  We are not responsible for pens lost in transit to our office.

When will I be notified of additional charges, if any?

Once Visconti has repaired your pen, it is then returned to our office in North Carolina where we carry out our own inspection.  If Visconti has charged an additional repair fee, we will contact you immediately to receive payment before the pen is shipped back to you.

Why is my Homo Sapiens pen fading and the trim tarnishing?

Because of the porous quality of the lava, your pen may lose its opaque, black color after some use, returning to its natural gray color.  To return your pen to its original black color, you simply need to rub a small amount of moisturizing hand cream on the pen.

Because the trims are solid bronze, the natural oxidation process will occur after some time, giving the metal a vintage-like patina.  If you would like to remove this effect, you are provided with a bronze polishing cloth to buff the trims back to their original luster.  If this issue persists, you may use a small amount of brass polish on the metal.  Please take care to avoid the lava material.

What if I lost the logo coin on the top of my cap? Is this considered a repair?

You do not need to send your pen in for repair if this happens.  The logo coin is magnetized to the cap.  This is called My Pen System.  This system allows you to personalize your pen by changing the logo coin out for initials, semi-precious stones, or zodiac signs.  If you have lost the logo coin for your pen, please call or email our office, and we will be happy to work with you to arrange a replacement.

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