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Double Reservoir Power Filler

The Double Reservoir Power Filler is ideal for a frequent traveler.  Many people have had problems with their fountain pens leaking during air travel.  Visconti’s engineers have solved this time old dilemma with this patented filling system.


The barrel is divided into two sections, one smaller and one larger, which are separated by a cut-off valve. This allows a very small amount of ink to be used from the reservoir and uses the larger reservoir as a back-up.  When the ink in the smaller reservoir runs out, the valve can be moved back a few millimeters using the blind cap, thereby transferring the ink from the larger reservoir to the smaller. When it is full, the blind cap can be screwed back in place, sealing off the valve.


Power Filler

The Power Filler functions similarly to the Double Reservoir Power Filler, but has only one reservoir instead of two.  The power filler is easy to use, and the titanium piston rod is completely resistant to ink corrosion.


Piston Filler

The piston filler is one of the oldest techniques used to fill fountain pens. Originally developed from German brands and from the U.S. Conklin “Nozac”, it consists of a piston activated from a non-ending screw under the blind cap or directly connected to the blind cap.

Push and Pull Touchdown

The Push & Pull Touchdown filling system is easy to operate.  It requires the user to pull the filling piston out of the pen, turn counter clockwise to expel ink out, and turn the piston clockwise to draw up ink. Then, one pushes the piston back into the pen, and it’s ready to write.


This system consists of a refillable cartridge with a small piston mechanism. The converter can be removed and substituted by a disposable cartridge.


This system consists of a disposable reservoir called a cartridge.  Easy and fast, it is the simplest way to fill a fountain pen. Visconti uses international cartridges available in many colors in one standard size.


A rollerball is a ballpoint-tipped refill with special ink that allows for smooth writing. Normally, rollerballs require a cap to prevent the ink from drying out.  Visconti uses a “safety” refill that allows the pen to be uncapped for a length of time without drying out.   Rollerball refills are available in 0.7 medium point in a variety of colors.


In all of its ballpens, Visconti uses Parker size refills for easy replacement.  Refills are available in 0.5 fine point, 0.7 medium point, and 1.0 broad point in a variety of colors in either standard or gel.

Double Reservoir

Double Reservoir

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