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We Do It Better

Visconti has set itself apart from other pen companies with a variety of innovations that they have developed throughout the years.  There is not a single component of the pen that has not been improved upon. Visconti pens stand alone, not only for their technical solutions, but also for the quality of each writing instrument.

My Pen System

Patented in 2004, this simple and ingenious system allows you to customize the pen with your initials, favorite natural stone, or zodiac sign.


Patented in 2003, the Visconti clip hooks the pen to the pocket without wrinkling or damaging your clothing.  The shape represents a bridge, an international symbol of friendship and diplomacy.

Hook Safe Lock

Patented in 2006, Visconti developed this most revolutionary system to lock the pen in the cap.  This completely prevents the possibility of your pen accidentally unscrewing in your pocket, but is just as easy to use as the common screw system.













Double Reservoir Power Filler

Patented in 1998, this is undoubtedly the most advanced filling system every developed in fountain pen history.  It allows you to fill a fountain pen with the equivalent of up to 10 cartridges of ink, and thanks to the two reservoirs, completely prevents ink from leaking during air travel.

Power Filler

Introduced in 1993, the power filler allows you to fill a fountain pen with one hand, while holding the bottle of ink in the other.

Triple Channel Feed

Designed in 1992, the triple channel feed allows for the perfect balance of air and ink flowing through the nib for an exceptional writing experience.

Squaring the Circle

Patented in 2004, the squaring the circle design was inspired by Leonard o Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man.  The fusion of the two shapes is ergonomically perfect allowing the fingers to comfortably grip the rounded corners, and prevents the pen from rolling when placed on a flat surface.

Desk Inkwell

Patented in 1992, it allows one to use the entire amount of ink in the bottle without the need to move the bottle from a vertical position.

Traveling Inkwell

Patented in 1997, the traveling inkwell allows for easy filling in any location or situation.  Its compact size is perfect for a person on the go.

Visconti Hook Safe Lock
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