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Year of the Dragon

Year of the Dragon


Celebrate the Chinese New Year with Visconti's Year of the Dragon limited edition. Year of the Dragon captures the majestic beauty and elegance of Chinese traditions while showcasing the artisanal skill and creativity of the Visconti craftsmen, who have meticulously crafted every detail.


This pen is crafted from gold-plated sterling silver, intricately engraved to depict the shape of an exuberant fie-clawed Chinese dragon proudly standing among a background of small steam clouds. In fact, in Chinese culture, contrary to the West, the dragon is not associated with the element of fire as much as with water, steam, and clouds. Silhouetted against a red background, a traditionally auspicious color, the figure is further accentuated by the adept use of colored enameling and by a finely etched dragon-scale texture visible under a layer of semi-transparent enamel. To emphasize its auspicious power and nobility, Visconti designers decided to further enrich the look of the Imperial Dragon featured on the barrel by setting a precious red ruby in its eye. Even the clip detail was conceived to represent a golden Chinese dragon flying high over the clouds.


Edition: Limited Edition, 224 worldwide


Fountain Nib: 18kt yellow gold: EF, F, M, B, S


Filling System: FP: Double Reservoir, Power Filler


Material: Sterling Silver, Enamel, Ruby


Trims: Yellow Gold

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