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Seven Seas Rollerball

Seven Seas Rollerball

SKU: 242604

For its new Limited Edition Seven seas, S.T. Dupont crosses the oceans with a tribute to the adventurers of the sea and to the various boats transporting them. Seven Seas will make you travel into a harbor where you will moor your boat to the cleat before discovering what hides inside.


A magnificent wooden boat, including a smoking kit or writing kit. The writing kit is set up with a Roller ball pen made with natural lacquer wooden effect that you can change into a Fountain pen with a convertor, a roller refill and a paper cutter. The smoking kit includes a magnificent Line 2 lighter adorned with natural lacquer with a wood effect and one cigar punch. These 2 kits are splendidly placed in a lacquered wooden box where the seven seas map is incrusted.

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