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Medici Briarwood Ruthenium

Medici Briarwood Ruthenium


Visconti is thrilled to announce the launch of the new Medici Briarwood collection. The Medici collection has been redesigned and draws on the best of Visconti's historical heritage and DNA, enriching it with valuable new features such as a new demonstrator central ring, made with the skeletonization technique, which features the official emblem of Florence, the lily.


The pen is made of Acrosilk, an innovative material first introduced by Visconti, which consists of a compound of acrylic resin and silk fibers. For a more contemporary look, this special acrylic blend has been sandblasted to achieve a fine satin finish giving the look of finished wood grain.


Fountain Nib: 18kt ruthenium: EF, F, M, B, S


Closing System: Hook-safe Lock (FP/RB)


Filling System: FP: Double Reservoir, Power Filler RB/BP: Refill


Material: Sandblasted Acrosilk Resin (Matte Finish)


Trims: Ruthenium plated brass

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