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IL Magnifico Calacatta Gold

IL Magnifico Calacatta Gold


Visconti presents the 7th edition of the Il Magnifico collection, the Calacatta Gold. The elegant white and gold nuances of the precious Italian Calacatta Macchia Oro marble, is a rare and expensive elegant white Carrara marble with gold veins quarried in the Apuan Alps. This edition features:


  • An elegant Carrara marble barrel in white with gold veining
  • Yellow gold plated brass trim finely engraved with the famous Florentine Lily
  • 18kt yellow gold Visconti nib
  • Visconti's famous power filler system and hook safe lock
  • Limited to 188 fountain pens and 88 rollerballs worldwide


Fountain Nib: 18kt Yellow Gold: EF, F, M, B, S


Filling System: Power Filler


Material: Calacatta Macchia Oro Marble


Trims: Brass

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