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Bordeaux Elegance

Bordeaux Elegance


The Divina, with it's classic spiral shape evoking the nautilus, a symbol of divine proportion, is now made in a rich Bordeaux color with a striking pearlescent effect. Besides knowledge and beauty, this deep red hue represents a strong personality, elegance, curiosity and passion. The body of this pen is accented by strips and sections of solid sterling silver, adding to the elegance and majesty of this new addition.


The Divina Elegance Bordeaux fountain pen features Visconti's new in-house 18kt gold nib, available in EF, F, M, B, and Stub widths. The nib is engraved with a more contemporary design, but in keeping with tradition, Visconti continues with a crescent-moon shaped breather hole, a distinctive feature of Visconti's precious nibs.

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