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Summer 2020 Brings a New Luxury Leather Collection for Visconti: VSCT

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Visconti proudly announces the launch of an entirely new collection of leather accessories. Each piece has been designed to be discreetly elegant, crafted from carefully selected materials and perfectly constructed to the last detail.

The new collection has been given a refreshing new identity characterized by modern shapes, a range of rich new colors, exceptional quality and importantly 'Made in Italy'. This is all enhanced by the well-known "V" logo of the Visconti brand, the exceptional Visconti 'nib' zip pull and the addition of the letters 'VSCT', an acronym for the Visconti brand itself to identify the new range of leather.

The VSCT collection finds its inspiration in the land of exquisite leather craftsmanship, Tuscany, and features:

  • 100% Made in Italy

  • Premium cowhide leather, water -resistant, and exceptionally durable and scratch proof

  • Original and elegant design with attention to the finest details

  • Consists of 11 expertly crafted designs


For the writing collection we proudly introduce a collection of various pen pouches, each features a golden zip and a dedicated zipper pull inspired by the signature Visconti gold nibs. Visconti collectors will be pleased to know that the popular 6 and 12 pen pouches, have been reintroduced into the new collection.

  • 1-Pen pouch

  • 2-Pen pouch

  • 3-Pen pouch

  • 4-Pen pouch

  • 6-Pen pouch

  • 12-Pen pouch 


For the traveler, they have developed an attractive range, consisting of various wallets and accessories.

  • Small Zip Case

  • Large Envelope Clutch

  • Small Credit Card Envelope

  • Slotted Credit Card Holder

  • Catchall Tray

With exquisite details, elegant materials, and classic colors the VSCT collection features many must have luxury pieces for pen enthusiasts to expand their wonderful Visconti collection.

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