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New Visconti In-House Nibs!

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

After more than 30 years of continuous research to perfect the design and engineering of writing instruments, Visconti is proud to announce a new in-house nib completely designed and made by the Visconti team. This means the production of the entire nib unit: the feed, the nib housing, and the nib itself. This important step will allow Visconti to fully customize and complete the in-house production of every Visconti pen. Bringing to the collector a complete 'Made in Florence' writing experience. The new nibs will be launched in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad and Stub sizes.

Visconti starts with two new in-house gold nibs; each will be launched on an exciting new Visconti writing instrument:

  • 18kt gold nib will be engraved with “Visconti,” “18kt 750,” and the letter for the nib size. Visconti has chosen the same scroll work which identifies the brands 18kt nib since 1988: the stylized Lily. At the same time the nib received a modern update thanks to a slimmer shape and new font.

  • 14kt gold nib will be decorated with the Visconti logo “V” and engraved with “Visconti,” “14kt” and the letter for the nib size. Visconti has engraved a new modern design whilst also keeping a crescent moon shaped breather hole, a distinctive feature of Visconti's precious nibs.

Each nib requires more than 15 processing steps before the final test. Both nibs are offered in five different nib widths: Extra-fine (0.6mm), Fine (0.7mm), Medium (0.8mm), Broad (1.0mm), and Stub (1.3mm).

Visconti Nib

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