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Skylight Steel Age

Skylight Steel Age

SKU: KP15-99-05-FP

The Skylight offers all the benefits of the original Homo Sapiens:

  • Made from volcanic lava rock, the pen is virtually unbreakable, naturally hygroscopic and very comfortable to write with.
  • The cap closes with Visconti's patented 'hook safe lock'.
  • Features the soft, buttery smooth Visconti 18kt gold fountain pen nib in white gold to match the color of the trims.


The Visconti design team worked hard to curate an incredible innovation, the 'Skylight' viewing windows:

  • Two larger steel-trimmed windows are cut into the pen's barrel offering a view of stored ink in the larger ink reservoir.

A smaller window behind the pen's grip offering a view of stored ink in the pens second smaller ink reservoir.


The Homo Sapiens Skylight Steel Age is available in fountain pen only.

Nib width options are EF, F, M, B and Stub.

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