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Rembrandt S Black

Rembrandt S Black


Visconti uses a unique mixture of variegated resin resulting in a swirl of light and dark colors reminiscent of Rembrandt's famous painting technique. Visconti has mastered this technique by selecting colorful resins with brush-like strokes that make each and every pen unique, a true masterpiece in its own right. The collection is launched in 4 new colors: Black, Blue, Orange and Bordeaux, each mixed with marbleized brush strokes of black resin.


New Design Features


  • New color contrast scheme
  • Newly designed ring
  • New large 'Schmidt' steel fountain pen nib with ruthenium plating
  • Graphite ruthenium trims



The fountain pen features a completely new, large size steel nib made by Schmidt Germany and will be offered in Fine, Medium and Broad nib sizes.

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