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Visconti is delighted to present their latest limited edition collection, 'QWERTY'. A pen inspired by the alphanumeric keyboard patented in 1864 by Christopher Sholes. With this pen, Visconti pays homage to a timeless system, born with typewriters, but still present today in everyday life.


The Qwerty collection features:

•    A black acrylic body encased by an engraved, aged sterling silver overlay adorned with detailing in enamel. 

•    The pens center band is engraved in Visconti's workshop then enameled with 'Qwerty' in both upper and lower case. 

•    The pressure fit clip is embellished with an element that recalls a traditional typewriter key.

•    The sterling silver overlay is engraved on three different levels with a special technique which gives the writing instrument a three-dimensional effect.

•    The fountain pen features Visconti's 18kt gold nib with a ruthenium finish.

•    The edition is limited to 388 pieces worldwide.

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