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One of the most influential artists of the 20th century, Pablo Picasso, is known for owning several S.T. Dupont lighters, and would often personalize them with a signature Picasso sketch in the lacquer before giving them as gifts to his closest friends and family.


The Dove of Peace Limited collection from S.T. Dupont pays tribute to Picasso’s ability  to capture important ideas with a simple image. The collection is limited to 1950 pieces to mark the year Picasso created his iconic image and includes a Line D writing instrument and Ligne 2 and Slim 7 lighters.


Picasso’s dove image is engraved on a white background alongside his signature and, as an additional tribute to Picasso, the Ligne 2 lighter also features the famous signature engraved in white on a black natural lacquer background. The Line D writing instrument is available as a fountain pen, a rollerball and a ballpoint and carries Picasso’s signature, engraved alongside S.T. Dupont on the central ring.

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