Maxi Jet Black Lacquer

Maxi Jet Black Lacquer

SKU: 020212

Larger than other Ligne 2 models at a full 66mm, it’s executed in solid brass with S.T. Dupont’s signature lacquer work. This lighter also offer a perfect masculine and assertive sound when opening and closing it. The range is completed with a Ligne 2 lighter to honor the Cuban flag, 1 Maxijet and 1 cutter complete the collection. Because STD is also dedicated to writing instrument, a roller ball and fountain pen fit the assortment to offer a complete range of products.


There are two finishes: black natural lacquer and yellow gold finishes or palladium for the Line 2 lighter. Each wears the S.T. Dupont logo proudly on its top and side. Never forget its heritage: a lifestyle of culture and confidence.

Color: Black Lacquer
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