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Kaleido Fire Opal Fountain Pen

Kaleido Fire Opal Fountain Pen

SKU: KP03-11-FP

Visconti is delighted to announce the new 'Kaleido' collection, a colorful collaboration with USA resin manufacturer, Jonathan Brooks, of the 'Carolina Pen Company'.


Two spectacular but uniquely different resins were selected for their irresistible display of vibrant, shimmering colors: Unicorn Galaxy and Fire Opal. Both resins are made by Jonathan in the USA and then sent to Italy where they are hand turned at Visconti’s Florentine factory into their iconic 'Kaleido'. A classic Visconti pen that is impeccably designed and weighted offering the perfect everyday writing experience.


Jonathan Brooks has, once again, created two irresistible resins that give pen enthusiasts the feeling of seeing rich colors and swirling shapes meld into each other like you would in a kaleidoscope brought to life in a modernized version of a classic Visconti pen.


Both resins were selected for their color saturation and mystifying swirling. The Unicorn Galaxy has a spray of silver flecks spiraled in with the color and the Fire Opal is dusted with gold flecks to add to the luminescence of the resin and give a kaleidoscope effect.




Filling System: Power Filler

Material: Acrylic resin, made in the USA

Fountain Nib: 14kt white gold: EF, F, M, B, S

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