Il Magnifico Lapis Lazuli

Il Magnifico Lapis Lazuli


The il Magnifico Lapis Lazuli is available as a fountain pen and rollerball. The fountain pen features Visconti's famous power filling system and hook safe lock. The il Magnifico Lapis Lazuli collection is limited to 188 pieces worldwide. The fountain pen is further enhanced with Visconti's 18kt gold nib, available in EF, F, and M.


The body of the pen is made from solid Lapis Lazuli semi-precious stone and is faceted on eight sides like the Baptistery of Florence, whose famous doors are symbols of the Italian Renaissance. Inspired by the Medici's spectacular collections of the magnificent, richly-hued blue stone with gold striations, Visconti selected Lapis Lazuli and paired it with the elegant vermeil trims to create a gorgeous addition to the collection.

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