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Il Magnifico Verzino Green

Il Magnifico Verzino Green


The pen celebrates Lorenzo de' Medici's great passion for art and elegant green and grey marble. The pen's body is made of once again, fine Italian marble, Verzino di Frabosa. Verzino marble is known for it's delicate streaks that range from grey to green giving the pen its delicate and elegant appearance. The marble body is octagonal shaped and inspired by the Baptistery of Florence, formed using specific, high-precision machinery. Visconti's semi-precious stone expert craftsmen manually polish each of the pen's components before assembling them.


Lilies, the symbol of the city of Florence, are meticulously engraved on the aged silver parts by Visconti's expert Florentine craftsmen. The iconic Ponte Vecchio clip is plated in aged silver and embellished with a green-grey enamel reminiscent of the Verzino marble accenting the body of the pen expertly. The top of the cap is enriched with the ancient coat of arms of the Medici family.


In-House 18kt Gold Nib - The fountain pen features Visconti's new in-house 18kt white gold nib, available in EF, F, M, B, and Stub widths.


The il Magnifico Verzino Green collection is limited to 188 pieces worldwide.

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