Asia Bamboo Green

Asia Bamboo Green

SKU: KP99-05-02-FP

The Asia Bamboo Collection is available in fountain pen only, limited to 138 pieces each color and is presented in a special limited edition collectors gift box matching the color of the pen. Each pen fills with ink using the Visconti Power Filler system and is further enhanced with Visconti's small 23kt Palladium nib, available in F, M, and B.


The Visconti 'Asia Bamboo' takes its shape and design from this uniquely important plant. The body of the pen is made from a series of colorful stacked celluloid segments, cut and separated by pieces of black celluloid. This gives the pen a unique design that is reminiscent of bamboo cane. The pen is launched in three colors, each reflecting one of natures elements: the greenery of nature, the endless blue sky, and the variant shades of red earth.

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