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Gold Vermeil

Gold Vermeil


Available as a fountain pen or rollerball, the collection is limited to 288 pieces in the silver, 288 pieces in the vermeil, and 38 pieces in the rose gold. The fountain pen features Visconti's power filler system, and is further enhanced with Visconti's large 23kt Palladium Dreamtouch nib, available in EF, F, M, B, and Stub.


Visconti chose to highlight Leonardos engineering talent for the design of the Machina collection. Hand-crafted in three different limited-edition finishes-solid silver, vermeil, and 18kt rose gold, the cap and barrel feature beautiful details of the technical drawings of some of Da Vinci's revolutionary machines collected from the famous Codex Atlanticus.


The use of the scrimshaw technique and a colored pigment are a tribute to Da Vinci's beloved red chalk drawings, showing once again the remarkable technical and artistic expertise of Visconti's craftsmen. This limited edition pen comes in an expertly crafted icosahedron-shaped gift box that has a hinged-lid and opens to feature a gear shape that holds the Machina pen.

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